The Strategic Areas of FPAB are decided in line with those of IPPF but, in addition, these take into account also the specific context of Bangladesh. For a resumé, the 4 strategic areas of IPPF are;


  • OUTCOME - 1: 100 Governments respect, protect and fulfill sexual and reproductive rights and gender equality
  • OUTCOME - 2: 1 billion people to act freely on their sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • OUTCOME - 3: 2 billion quality integrated sexual and reproductive health services delivered
  • OUTCOME - 4: A high performing, accountable and united Federation


The strategic areas of FPAB during the ongoing project period are aligned with those of IPPF and as follows;


  • Objective - 1:  The commitment of the Government of Bangladesh to SRHR, gender and youth development is strengthened through changes in legislations, policies and practices.
  • Objective - 2: Young people and women are aware, empowered and actively work for their SRH rights and are capable of taking informed decisions regarding SRHR.
  • Objective - 3:  Access of poor, marginalized and underserved population to quality SRHR information and services including IPES/IPES+ through community based distribution, outreach and clinic based services increased 
  • Objective – 4: FPAB’s operational & program effectiveness and financial sustainability strengthened.


Each of these objectives are framed with specific outputs/results which also take into account the overall context, programmatic and operational opportunities to FPAB and the justifications for interventions by FPAB.