Family Planning Association of Bangladesh (FPAB) was established in 1953 under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Humaira Sayeed the founding president of the Association. The Association is governed by a National Executive committee consisting of 21 Members. National luminaries like late Alamgir M. A. Kabir, late Professor Dr. Md. Ibrahim, late Dr. (Captain) Abul Kashem, late Dr. Syed A K M Hafizur Rahman, Mr. M Shamsul Islam, Shaheed Md. Maizuddin, Kazi Anisur Rahman and other eminent personalities led FPAB since its inception.

The prime objective which inspired the establishment of the Association was to improve quality of life of the under privileged section of the people by advocating family planning as a basic human right and motivating people towards the concept of small family.

As an affiliate of International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), FPAB is the oldest and largest family planning non-government organization in Bangladesh, which pioneered family planning movement in the country. FPAB played an important role in formulating national family planning programme introduced by the then government of Pakistan in 1965. With the span of more than 63 years of its emergence, FPAB has made a significant achievement in creating awareness among the eligible couples about family planning and annually contributes 4.5% of the total national family planning performance. In conformity with the al and national needs, FPAB shifted its thrust from lone family planning interventions to the holistic approach of reproductive health in mid 90s of the last century. Instead of targeting fertile couples, interventions of FPAB now involve men and women of all ages with special focus on the disadvantaged segment of the population. Beneficiaries of FPAB have now exceeded ten million people.